Safe Altruism - EP

by Dave Supplee

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these songs have been an escape and a catharsis for me as i've been dealing with the weight of stress and depression. i've never been this honest in my writing. i hope you can relate a little with what i've been going through and find some peace of mind, or even just some reassurance that someone out there is riding the same wave of hardship as you. and if not, i hope you at least think it sounds cool.

some of these songs may be later reworked and released as Telesomniac songs, so don't be upset if it does, because those guys are absolutely brilliant and anything i write on my own is just going to be enhanced into something even more beautiful.


released June 10, 2016

album art: infrared photo of Dave Supplee's teeth taken by Dr. Craig Christiansen at Christiansen Dental.

recording/production: recorded and produced by Dave Supplee using Komplete 10, Ben Stoneking's authorization of Logic Pro X and a free trial of Ableton Live. guitar performed by Dave Supplee using Hayden Manwaring's Teton acoustic guitar.



all rights reserved


Dave Supplee Provo, Utah

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Track Name: Anhedonia
eyes open eyes shut
inside a cage made umbrageous, causing pain, the blade is prosaic and the blame is the same, but the scars are poetic, they speak without lips, like a book full of braille, but carved into her hips, while she reads through the pages now wet with warm tears, all the mouth covered screams, all the cold silent years, summed up in a bottle of truth and of lies, her friend by her side while she sinks and she cries to a name she had learned that her parents have spoken in circles and turns, all those promises broken, they said that he'd stay, that he wouldn't be cruel like the friends she made and then lost in a foolish, proud second of reaching for ways she could feel uninhibited, play for a night of profligacy, stay for a day and then lost for month, the light in her head and the black in her gut, and her eyes and her eyes and her lips that she bites as leads her beloved to believe that she lies down to sleep in place that is safe in their sight just to please their unease, avoid meaningless fights

she is full of light, even when things don’t feel so right

there is so much dark, all around she looks for her heart
Track Name: Blue Calcite
oh my colors, oh my friends
it's been a while since i felt you
all these voices in my head
i listened and i left you
and i have not been myself in so many months
i traded my wings for a sword, cause they told me i must
i built fences around my heart
and someone opened up the gate
now there is warmth where once was nothing
someone saved me from my fate
Track Name: Winter
it's a chill that i savor, and the still, all my favorite things about this monochrome landscape in the driven snow,

the lights and the blankets of white on pavement, the purple sky is glowing bright, it doesn't feel so cold tonight,

and her eyes, frozen circles round a cluster of other worlds, galaxies all veiled in distance, blackness full of infinite systems,

cold and the complimenting soul giving heat and mending broken hearts and worried minds, the story arc you tried to find,

that would save your tired wavering spirit, and give life back to fire fueling dear beloved dreams that you lost to lesser thinking.

for the first time in my life i'm holding onto winter
Track Name: Blur
beloved blur what does your silence mean? i see your fingerprints upon my window screen but it’s just screaming at my soul: don’t let go. o winter muse where are you going to? what do you chase, what are you running from, did you think you were doing this alone? you still think so? a shallow dive into the rising pool of arrogance and shame, a hollow grave a new mistake a place bury your own heart. dearly beheaded are you listening to me? i don’t want arguments or passive enmity, i know there’s reasons for your state, it doesn’t have to be this way. o silver streak, what is that fire when you speak? it sends me burning, leaves me frozen, makes me weak, i never asked for you to change, i’m only doing as you say. i only tried to hear your mind but you keep tearing out your eyes. and though i’m seething i won’t leave until i understand your plight. o sacred stirring please direct me what to say, my hands are shaking and i just can’t look away from what i saw behind those walls. o loving learned i just want to help my friend, but she is ripping me to pieces and i’m sending her my all, don’t let her fall. beloved blur, if you’re alive when you’ve finished dying all your cold and crying moons, and if it’s late, i’m still awake and i will carry you back home
Track Name: Still
your hands felt like home. in your eyes there was something different, oh warm winter ghost. i had so much hope, i still have so much hope, and it hurts. tear a hole in a heart in seventeen casual words. twenty-eight symbols wave goodbye to a world we built on a house of lies. i blink once and you blink twice but you're already gone when i open my eyes. i can't breathe, but i still wanna speak to you, i just feel like you don't want to hear the truth, burning your bridges, i'm investing in bricks, your mouth's full of stitches, i'm collecting my scissors in stacks of pages of words. as it grew to the autumn, blue was a hue with no lack. and i hoped for resolve, i still hope for these walls to be broken. i guess i was a fool for breaking down and giving my all to you. twenty-eight symbols wave goodbye to a world we built on a house of lies. i blink once and you blink twice but you're already gone when i open my eyes. my blood burns, i don't know what you're going through, you leave no trace of return but i'll wait for you, salting your fields, i'm buying you land, you won't let your wounds heal, i'm trying to bandage myself.
Track Name: Return
washed up on the shore

at the base of building

i didn't want to see anymore

and tears fill my eyes as i look up at the oscillating light

back inside a lighthouse

something’s missing from my heart

and i don't understand it

quietly crying in the dark